About 3sixtyfactory

“We help you communicate your product in an engaging and creative way”

Websites have become the most important way for companies to reach, engage and keep their customers. The internet is the world’s biggest marketplace, with almost 2.8 billion users worldwide, and as much as 10% of all commerce now takes place online.

3SF Charity Works

So when a potential customer logs on and looks at your website, that’s a great opportunity. One that shouldn’t be missed because your products are displayed in a flat, lifeless way. At 3sixtyfactory, we don’t do flat and lifeless. Using photos that you provide, we create high quality images that allow your customers to feel much closer to the things you sell.

We’ve been doing this for years, and our list of satisfied customers includes some of the biggest names in fashion and retail. So get in touch today and see what 3sixtyfactory can do for you.

The 3sixtyfactory Story

3sixtyfactory was founded in London in 2005, with the goal of helping companies to communicate about their products and services in the increasingly important online market. At that time we were known as Lobster Studio, but on New Years Eve 2008 we changed our name to 3sixtyfactory, to better represent the work we do – high quality image editing and retouching that makes your products look better from any angle.

The 3sixty Foundation

At 3sixtyfactory we believe in giving – not just giving you the highest quality image editing possible, but also giving something back to less fortunate communities. That’s why we started the 3sixty Learn Foundation, and why every year we give 1% of our turnover to educational programmes in Davao City, on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. These programmes give young people from difficult backgrounds the opportunity to learn IT and image editing skills to a professional level. In addition, we regularly hire the best graduates from these programmes – providing them with a secure job, health benefits, and the opportunity to express themselves and take pride in their work.

So when you work with 3sixtyfactory, you’re not just helping yourself and your company – you’re helping others too.

If you’d like to find out more about supporting entrepreneurs in other countries to achieve their goals, we encourage you to look into the loan-pooling website Kiva – loans that change lives.