Delivery Process

We understand what it is to handle large quantities of images and just how brutal the process of transferring and editing can be if the proper system is not in place.


We have developed our own system that has proven to be efficient and effective. We also know that you have a system in-house that works for you at the moment. That is why we will work with you in order to meet your system standards and create an environment that only enhances your productivity.Below is a visual diagram of how our system will flow. From start to finish we want you to have full understanding of the process of your image alterations:

Editing Process

The first step

If you want something special done to your imagery, we need to know what you do. That is why we encourage our clients to make a video of what editing proceedures you would like us to use. By downloading CamVideo by clicking the link bellow. This is a very popular open source software to record everything you will be doing on your screen. If you connect a microphone you will be able to tell us excact directions on how you want your images edited.

Cam Studio

How we work at 3sixty

According to Carl Stormer (a famous Norwegian Jazz musician) the best jazz is made when there is a group of four musicians playing. Carl Stormer says its the perfect balance of people and it creates harmony for the group to collaborate and achieve. This is true in jazz as well as groupwork in business. That is why we always work in teams of four at 3sixtyfactory. To read more about Carl Stormer please visit

1. Make four folder on your server; Original, Opti, Finished and Send. (Opti is for 360 product animations) Save a copy of all original images in “Originals”.

Folder on your server

2. In the “Originals” folder create a job number for your images as seen bellow. Example of job indicator folder name: “job_name_date_job_number” or “3SiXTY_10.03.09_1234

Job Number

3. Zip up the folders you would like to send us and drop them in our dropbox.


4. We will edit the imagery and send it back to you. The folder will now be called “job_name_date_job_number_FINISHED” you will receive an email with a link to the download location.

Click the link and once the window is open click “download”. Unzip the folder and store your images on your server/computer. We keep all your files backed up for 6 months, just in case.

5. With the imagery edited you can upload the products to your website or send them to be printed.

In your website

Check out the video below for full reference.