Make Money with 3sixty

We are introducing KickBack

When you refer a customer to us we will pay you back 10% of the contract for 1 year. In effect that means you could be getting our services for free or even make money promoting 3sixty.

We already have several customers that have jumped on board and are getting the kickback every month!

Step One

Who do you know that you think could need;

  • 360 or
  • 2D Product Photography or
  • A Product Video or
  • Image Editing Services

Step Two

Send us their name and phone number

  • eg. ( or call +4795782114) or
  • Give them a ring and tell them about us or
  • Arrange a meeting where we all meet up together

Step Three

When the prospect becomes a customer we will pay you

  • Year 1 = 10%
  • Year 2 = 5%
  • Year 3 = 2.5%

* One requirement is that the customer pays the below prices. If any other prices is used we may need to recalculate the Kickback %
** We will subtract the amount from your bill or we will pay you the money through bank transfer every 3 months
***If you allready have a volume kickback or similar agreement this deal does not apply to you.


“Books are judged by their covers and so are your your products.”


Greetings from
Erlend, Stian and Yb
Erlend Bakke
Founder of 3sixty & 3sixtyfactory