3D Floor Plans

The 3D Floor Plan is now the newest addition to the services being offered by 3sixty Factory.

3D Floor Plans Sample

This project offers the state-of-the-art cyber technology whereby photos of the house being offered virtually jump out of the screen in living colours. The pictures are so vivid and realistic that the clients could almost smell the newly painted rooms or touch each in-door plants in the place. The buyers can see the parts of the house from any angle possible, giving them the sensation of being physically there themselves. If the buyers wish, they can always go back to the rooms they have seen earlier for closer details, a very exhausting exercise indeed in an actual physical tour.


3D Floor Plans

With the 3D Floor Plan, a realtor’s time and effort can be multiplied several times. He can do the presentation to more than one client at a time. He can even invite a group to the presentation without wasting travel time. In addition, he can schedule several presentations in a single day thus enabling him to meet more prospects. The 3D Floor Plan can increase his productivity at less time and almost at no cost at all.

For more details on the 3D Floor Plan and to experience the unique sensation this project of 3sixty Factory offers, we are inviting you see the preview at info@3sixtyfactory.com