Clipping Paths and Image Masking

Sometimes you need to really focus on the product. You don’t want your customers to be focused on the people wearing your clothes – you want them to imagine themselves in those clothes. This is where we come in.

Image Isolation

Image masking and clipping paths is one of our core services at 3sixtyfactory. It means removing the background from a picture or isolating a portion of an image. The focus switches from a mannequin wearing some clothes, to the clothes themselves. Or a distracting or unnecessary background can be removed, or replaced with something more appropriate.

Image Masking 1

Image Masking 2

Image Masking 3

Image Masking 4

Image Masking 8

Image Masking 7

Doing this is easy, doing it well is difficult – our experienced staff can provide the best possible service. Through the use of high-tech pen tools, our editors provide perfect picture masking and path clipping every time, giving you an isolated image that can be used to make your product stand out.

Clipping Path 6

Clipping Path 7

Clipping Path 3

Clipping Path 8

This service is ideal for fashion designers and retailers, but is also great for any industry in which you want to have full control over how your images appear, to allow your products to really speak for themselves. Our image masking service and path clipping is the best available online, so get in touch with us today for a free trial to see the difference we can make for you.